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  1. What is Algorithm Trading?

  1.  Manual Trading – Do you have the ‘know how’?

Any kind of trading can be particularly daunting to the average lay man.  Be it Stocks, Equities, Forex or Derivatives.  With all the technical jargon and bureaucracy in your country, are you trained enough to be able to trade in the same pool as the big boys?? Do you understand your currency pairs from your Going Long or Getting Short? Does Squaring Up mean having no position or headed for fight?  Can you tell the difference between your Realized P&L from Unrealized P&L?


  1.  What is algorithm Trading?

Algorithms are basic processes and mathematical formulas set for problem solving, typically within a computer.  In the Financial world, it is also known as High Frequency Trading.  

Algorithm Trading is transacted through a set of computer instructions.  Because there is no human intervention or emotional feelings involved, Algorithmic Trading does as the instructions are set, and will be ordered to execute orders on behalf of the investor ~ in short, it is fully automated.  The Forex market is open and active 24 hours a day from the start of business hours on Monday morning in the Asia-Pacific time zone straight through to the Friday close of business hours in New York.

A human Forex trader can execute up to 10 concurrent* trades at any 1 time.  The Algorithm can perform up to 10 times of that figure, well within the range of 10s to 100s of transaction at any given time minimally.  The volume of trade is faster and far less susceptible to mistakes made during manual trading.  Being fully automatic, Algorithm Trading systems can trade all day long, 24 hours a day to maximize the trading hours of markets across the different time zones to present back to our investors, the best return on investment.

Because manual trading is done by humans, there can always be the element of human emotions involved when supposed logical calculation should prevail.  But more often than not, human (either judgment or emotional) error occurs, almost approximately more than 85%* of the time.  Not unless you are a seasoned Forex trader who can judge the market movements with pinpoint precision akin to a Swiss manufactured and perfected timepiece.

Because the Algorithm works well within set parameters of trading, ie : ‘Buy/Sell’ thresholds.  Our Algorithm Trading ‘Robot’ (Algorobot) performs within a 3% - 15%** profit per annum averagely, even when set to a conservative mode.  The Algorobot never executes trades as a human would, filled with emotion and bias.  Hence the accuracy and efficacy.


  1. ‘Algorobot’

    1.  How is the ‘algorobot’ set up?

1.Historical Testing

The Algorobot has been tested against 04 years of historical data and the formula stringently checked within different benchmarks for ‘Buy’ & ‘Sell’ instructions.  Investors can choose between different modes to suit their investment appetite, from conservative to aggressive.  We will be able set the parameters accordingly.  

2.‘Stop-Loss’ watermark

There is a ‘Stop-Loss’ watermark level set against the principal investment amount and trading will be ‘Closed’ once the this watermark level is reached.

3.Buy/Sell Benchmarks

​​Similarly, there are benchmarks set for every currency pair which is traded.  There will be a ceiling where once the percentage (%) threshold is attained; a ‘Sell’ order will be placed by the Algorobot to sell all trades of the currency pair.  The reverse floor is also set for ‘Buy’ orders.  Once the currency pair has reached that ‘floor’, the Algorobot will put in the ‘Buy’ order.


  1.   What can Algorobot do for you?

Algorobot is set up with the greatest ease of use for the investor.  As explained in previous Chapters, our algorithms are written, tested and proven in the most stringent of environments and with all modern day trading technicalities incorporated to the logic.   There is no need for the investor to manually enter/exit or open/close any trade.  Every single trade is recorded through the trading platform and is 100% transparent.  There is no need to learn all the technical terms to Forex Trading now since Algorobot will be your personal automated Forex Trader.

  1.  What's In It for You?

There are 02 basic components to the payout for trading with Algorobot.  With other trading schemes, you only have 1 revenue source.  

Trading with Algorobot, you have another revenue stream.  We pay you a percentage (or PIP) on the total amount (or volume) of trades which your Algorobot generate in a given month.  The calculation is based on a ‘Roundturn’ basis.

The table below illustrates the combined revenue streams which Investors will enjoy.

Illustrated Earning Table (Minimum of USD 30,000)

Earnings #A - Algorobot Trade Margins (ROI)
S/N Item Description Principal Sum % (ROI) $ Value (Per Month) $ Value (Per Year)
1 Algorobot Trading $30,000 3% $900 $10,800
Earnings #B - Nett Trade Rebates
S/N Item Description Total Trade/Month PIPs $ Value (Per Month) $ Value (Per Year)
1 Total Trade Rebates $1,000,000 0.00002 $20 $240

Grand Total (Per Month)

Grand Total (Per Year)

$920 $11,040

Footnotes :         
#1 - Earnings #A depicts an estimated ROI of 3% per annum.  Please note this amount is not fixed and not actual
representation of earnings.  It is an example only.    
#2 - Total Trade/Month depicted in Table Earnings #B - Nett Trade Rebates are estimated numbers only.  
The PIPs factor is also budgetary.          
#3 - Algorobot reserves the right to revise any of the figures illustrated above.  

  1. How to sign up?

  1.  Sign Up Form

All the investor has to do is sign up with Casa Perkasa representatives and they will be given a trading platform User ID login and password after the initial investment deposit.  The trading platform software can be in a form of Mobile Application (Google Android, Apple iOS and Windows Mobile platforms)  or PC software (Windows only).  With this platform, Investors will be able to view, monitor and track Algorobot’ s performance, anytime, anywhere as long there is an internet connection.

URL : http://www.metatrader4.com/traders

  1.  Account Deposit & Withdrawal

Your Casa Perkasa representative will advise the investors on the administrative tasks such as funds deposit and withdrawal.  

  1.  Administrative Documentation – Power of Attorney

Your Casa Perkasa representative will also provide you with a set of documentation called a ‘Power-of-Attorney’.  This form will be filled out to authorize the Algorobot to trade on your behalf, for the Trading Account.  This is a mandatory documentation to be filled out.

  1. Summary

Forex Trading need not be scary and daunting anymore!

Whether you may not have the spare time to pick up new technical domain knowledge, or you worry about risking your investment in a totally new arena, fear not!  Algorobot will eradicate these difficulties and allow you the freedom and peace of mind to know that not only will you NEVER EVER make the mistake of emotional decisions, you will be able to leverage on the most efficient trading tool which works for you 24 hours a day, 5 days a week ~ with a healthy & robust return on investment!!

  1. Appendix

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b – MT4

MT4 or Metatrader is the product and trademark of MetaQuotes Software Corp.  There is no intention of infringing any copyright or legal obligations with the mention of related branding within this documentation.  Investors are advised to use the mentioned software with the utmost discretion.